Visit with Marv’s Aunt Betty


Marv’s Aunt Betty is the last of the living siblings of his Dad’s.  He said she was in a nursing home and he had said that he and his cousin were going to visit her at 11:00am. but he was not feeling well and didn’t go (I was going to ask him to bring me back a Breaded Cheeseburger from the Hoosier Drive-In).

He had said that he and his cousin were going to visit her at 11:00am. but he was not feeling well and didn’t go.  I had told him the night before we could still go in the afternoon even though they scheduled it at 11am we could go later.

As it still bothers me I did not see my ex-sister-in-in law passed away and if someone is older or ill in health it is best not to wait to try to see them, when he asked me if still wanted to go and I said yes and offered to drive.

We called the nursing home to find out when visitation and dinner time and we drove to Hoosier Drive-In and ate then went to visit her so we would not interrupt her supper time.

For being 80, she was very spry and astute as far as her mind.  She said she had fallen on 9/27/16 and her side was still bruised and swollen and she had no idea it would take so long to heal.

There was only one chair available and Marv set there and the only other seat was the covered “potty chair” and I after a few minutes standing any my ankle hurting, I sat down.

I brought a few magazines as I know from the few time I have been in the hospital they have been a Godsend, as has been people visiting you.   We visited for over an hour and found her very lucid and astute.  She said one of her sons is trying to get a house with a first-floor basement and restroom so she can move back in with him.  Marv then proposed to do the bathroom if needed as he is a Master Plumber.

Aunt Betty indicated one of the employees had stolen $20 from her and she only would get $52 a month since being there.  She said she loved Vanilla Coke and Marv and asked if she would like him to bring her some the next time he planned on coming, which would be around 2 weeks and she said she would be thankful.

We were surprised to learn after mentioning going to the Hoosier Drive-In before coming there and she said her sons were the ones that came up with the Hoosier Burger that is popular there. I have never tried the burger, but Marv had one and from the picture, it is a triple cheeseburger with cheese on each layer.



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