At work, they are holding their annual “Coat 4 Kids” campaign that accepts gently used coats, hats, gloves and boots to donate to kids that otherwise might be without Winter gear.  I had $20 that I had saved by buying veggies and taking them to work instead of visiting the cafeteria and I was able to buy 4 coats and a hat and have money to buy 1 hardback book and 2 paperback books for kids for donation to a Little Free Library in town.

I tried to find coats that were in good condition or easily repairable of minor rips and did not have a tag with a name written inside so there is no evidence it is a “used coat” and bonus if they had a hood.  I searched at the Franciscan Family Thrift Store, Goodwill and Salvation Army.  The two coats at the top were $3.99 each and the bottom 2 were $4.99.  While that is the price for a drink at Starbuck, there are many people who may not be able to afford even that and no child should have to shiver in the cold during the winter.

I recall taking Kyle to school when he was in grade school and a little girl walking to school in a thin, sleeveless cotton dress, bare legs, socks and tennis shoes in the dead of Winter and snow on the ground.   Since then I have always tried to donate to causes like this even though I am on a limited budget myself.

I took everything home, washed and dried them and checked them over again.  The only one that needed work was the red coat on the lower right had a rip at the collar that I was able to easily fix and although it has hood tucked into the collar that can be pulled out (which made fixing the collar a little tricky) it is thin, so I pinned a red hat that I found for .50 cents.    Unfortunately, I did not find any more kids hats at either the Goodwill or Salvation Army.   I will have to see what I can find a the Dollar Tree.




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