Murder, Mystery and Mayhem Bus Tour Through ARCH


ARCH Fort Wayne (which stands for Architecture and Community Heritage) is a non-profit organization that is for the preservation of structures and heritage our Fort Wayne and they occasionally have bus and walking tours of homes or area of the city and for this Halloween Season they offered “Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem” bus and walking tours and last night was our first bus tour.

When I contacted ARCH, they advised booking and paying for early as the bus trips tend to sell out quickly.  The bus tickets were $15 a piece and the tour lasted an hour.

We met in the lobby in front of the Anthony Wayne Ballroom and were given a wristband which they advised was older and didn’t stick, but all we need to do was show when we got on the bus.  I tied mine up with my scarf and Marv decide to try licking the back and sticking on his forehead.  Worked for a few minutes, but he ended up putting in his pocket.


The bus was full, the windows seemed darker and the seats narrower than on the bus trip we took last week.

One of the ARCH volunteers, a fella in his late teens to early 20’s was our guide and he did a great job of trying to read while half standing/half sitting and trying to read the material with a small light on a dark bus.  He did a great job, sounded very professional and even opened the forum up to questions.

The tour took an hour and out guide had many interesting stories that I was not aware of, such as Lakeside Park was built on top of an old Indian Burial Ground, that McCullouch House had once been  Fort Wayne College of Medicine and there had been rumors of body snatching from the grave for cadavers.

For more information on the tours, visit ARCH Fort Wayne


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