Thrift Store Find – 1989 “Martha Stewart’s Christmas”


After work yesterday a went to thrift stores to try to find a few kids’ coats for our coat drive at work as Kyle did a mass purge of his clothes Christmas Eve and I knew there were none left in his closet and instead found this gem at the Franciscan Thrift Store, is is a 1989 book called “Martha Stewart Christmas”.

I barely recognized her; I realize it was 27 years ago but she looks so young in the pic.   As she is now 75, which is hard to believe as she still looks young.  In 1989, she still would have been around 47.  Perhaps it is all of those homemade facial creams and fruitcakes and the like she makes that preserves her, but dang, she seems to age well.  My other theory is that she is a vampire (and you just thought she sparkled because of all the glitter she works with).

Going back to what made this book so special was an Erma Bombeck article I found clipped inside about the book:


After flipping through the book, I have to agree with Erma on this one.  I am a fairly crafty person, but I have never gold-leafed anything and I have no idea of what orrisroot powder or senna pods are, so I just snapped the pics and left the book at the thrift store for someone that is much more Martha-ish than I am.



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