Not the pig ears


Soon to probably be seen on the “People of Walmart” soon.

Picked up Marv to run to Walmart and then McDonald’s for a bite to eat and he came out wearing the pig ears as he found that I think we picked up after Halloween years ago.

We drove to Walmart.  I decided I really didn’t need anything from there that couldn’t wait, so I dropped him off at the door and waited for him to come out and said nothing about the pig ears on his head that he had likely forgotten.

We drove to McDonald’s and I said the ears had to go before we went inside.  He said he likes them as they distract from his oxygen cannula. Have to agree that they do, but the pig ears are not very flattering.  He pointed out that I was ok with him wearing them into Walmart, was it because I didn’t go into Walmart, but was going go inside McDonald’s with him.  Yep, you got that one right.


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