We recently checked out “Rural King” what is off to the South East side of I-69 on Jefferson Blvd/24 where there had used to Kroger.  It is kind of grungy on the inside but they have a vast variety of thing.

They advertise themselves as a “Farm and Home store”.  It is kind of grungy on the inside, with the flooring really rough,  but they have a vast variety of things.  One great find is they have some sturdy generic type jeans from standard to hard-t0-fit sizes at a steal for only $10.  They also had overalls for around $20 (but in fewer sizes).  They also had coats, boots and hunting type of clothing and sweatshirts.

I also saw guns. and hunting equipment, heaters, generators, sporting goods, safes, cleaning products, food products and of course, all sorts of farm equipment (a few are pictured below) and I only went through about half of the store.   Marv went further in the back and also saw baby ducks for sale and he also saw rabbits advertised.  I can’t vouch for whether or not the other stuff it as good prices and I don’t buy that type of thing and there were some things I had no idea what they are for.

One thing I didn’t easily find was a restroom; they used to be upfront but no longer there so if you go, might want to make a pit stop at nearby Wendy’s or McDonald’s before checking the place out, but it is somewhat of an adventure and worth the trip to check it out if for nothing else, to see something and ponder “what the heck is that and what do you use it for?”

Here are some more pictures:

Garden type items, with trailer in the background and behind that all kinds of bricks.


I think Marv said these were log splitters on the left and, obviously, dog houses and kennels on the right


Cattle handling




Chicken Coop



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