Today we went on a bus trip through American Heritage Trails for $55 each (which included the train ticket) to Connersville to ride the Whitewater Valley Railroad one way to Metamora for Canal Days.   Marv had purchased two seat, one Kyle’s Grandma Gloria was going to use but she was not well and didn’t go, so he used the 2nd seat for his O2 equipment and I shared a seat with a lady named Myra that the bus picked up in Huntington.

On the ride down Marv and I found out there were many on the trip that has graduated high school before we were born, making us one of the younger people, which was an odd feeling at our age, but encouraging how many older folks are still getting around well and enjoying life.

At the train station, the stall in the restroom wouldn’t open and I didn’t have anything in the temporary purse I brought to jimmy  it open so she quickly shimmied out underneath the door.  I told her I could see she had gone to K-Mart too as a child.  It used to be, before there was a law making it illegal, that many places, like K-Mart, had pay toilets where you were to pay 10 cents, which was probably what a $1 would be today, so if you a Mom on a budget, she made you crawl underneath if you needed to go.

The train station had a nice lobby, but didn’t get to explore too much; we all were encouraged to use the facilities while we were there as there were none on the train and by the time we got through and to catch the train.


There were a few train cars and we got on the one 2nd from the end.  I will do a separate post on the train and train trip.


One thing that struck me after we had gotten off the train is that the streets on the side of the canal looked like a movie set, my first thought being it looked similar to the “Wild Hogs” movie when they went to Madrid.


We had lunch at the Farmhouse as they advertised breakfast all day.  Seating was limited and we ended up being asked to move to smaller table.  Both waitresses were dressed a little too casual, including our waitress which was wearing flip flops, which I am sure is a health code violation.


The food was average except for the fresh baked bread, which toasted crisp on the outside and fresh and chewy in the center; it was delicious.


The standout item at this restaurant was old time Viewmaster on the table and when you picked them up in looked inside it featured advertising for the restaurant and some of their dishes.

Here is a pic I tried to take showing what is the Viewfinder.


The worst thing though was when we inquired about a restroom they said because it was Canal Days, they didn’t have them open and we would have to find a port-a-potty.  Thanks for letting me know before I got a refill on my Diet Coke.  I could understand closing it off to the general public, but we also don’t think it is legal to not have a restroom open for patrons, which we were.  It is not a place I would ever go back to or recommend because of this.

While there was a lot of foreign, overpriced crap you can pick up at any flea market, there were some of the standout crafty type items were the carved benches


These carved bears in a boat that wanted to come home with me, but I really have no place to put them, couldn’t afford them and had no way to get to the bus even if I did, so they stayed behind, waiting to be adopted by someone else.


Here were some interesting walking sticks and trinkets.


These are upcycled sweaters turned into dresses and coats.  Great idea and realize a lot of work probably went into sewing all of those pieces together, but some of the price tags were pretty steep.  I think the dress on the right that has green pieces and a hood was $150.


This musical instrument made of old pans and tree branches was pretty interesting.


The “jars” are actually a fountain with running water.  I also like the flamingo and my friend Beth collects them.  He was too pricey to buy, so I took a pic to show her.


There was a fella across the way pretending to play guitar and was singing.  Was another thing that made me think of the movie “Wild Hogs” again.


This is the canal boat we had planned on taking a ride on but there was a problem the locks and it was closed


Took this pic on one of the many misdirects by vendors to find a port-o-potty.


About 45 minutes after lunch and walking all over, we were finally directed to the correct location of the port-o-pottys that were about two blocks away from the street and if Marv hadn’t found someone that looked like they were part of the festival committee, we probably never would have found it.   Marv used the rolling luggage bag to carry around his liquid oxygen for the day and it worked out really well.


I decided I wanted to get ice cream so I went into Grannies Cookie Jars and Ice Cream Parlor.   They had the most amazing, well-organized cookie jar and salt and pepper shaker display I had ever seen.   I will do a separate post on this as well as I took a lot of pictures.


This is an older church we came across when walking around.  Marv noted that many buildings seemed to date back to the late 1800s – early 1900’s with not very many changes over the years.


This canal boat that looked like it had been turned into a house or shop was interesting.


This was an artist that was making pictures by using spray paints in layers and manipulating it.  I had seen this on Youtube and it is something I want to try sometime as it looks like fun, even though it is messy.


Our tour guide, Pam. tried tracking down the bus goes to let us know the exact spot where the bus would be.  Marv asked her where to find beer and she said, when you find some, let me know as it has been one of those days.  She was a hoot.   We were making our to wear the bus was and Marv stopped at the speed limt sign and had his arm wrapped around it like it was his new girlfriend.  “Here she is, her name is Speed Limit…she is 40” went through my head and I laughed.  This is one of the rare times where something was funny only in my own mind because usually it is the other way around where Marv is concerned.


Here come the bikers…like I said…reminded of the movie “Wild Hogs”


This is the Arby’s we stopped at on the way home.  We had to make an unexpected stop back in Connersville as one person on the bus thought the train trip was a two way ride and took the train back there and we had to stop and pick her up.


Overall, it was a fun affordable trip.


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