Lakeside Park


Recently I got off work a little early and I went for a walk at Lakeside Park and took pictures.  Above is the area where there are many wedding in the Spring to early Fall months.



They usually have a beautiful rose garden, but there were no blooms and the types of roses are labeled, but there were no blooms in the garden as it is late in the season.


Playground on the West side of the park


dscn9729dscn9731 dscn9732 dscn9733

dscn9735 dscn9736 dscn9737


There was a wedding going on in the Bridal area so was not able to browse or take many pictures in that area as I was trying not to photobomb their wedding.

dscn9739 dscn9740

With some of the large plumes and foliage, from a distance is almost looks like a manicured prehistoric garden.

dscn9741 dscn9742 dscn9743 dscn9744 dscn9745 dscn9746 dscn9748 dscn9749 dscn9750 dscn9751


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