Chinese Dinner for Nick


Met Marv at Costco after work for to eat and shop and while dining he said he his friend Nick’s birthday was today and apparently Nick had asked him to go out to dinner with him tonight for his birthday while Marv was engaged in working on his motorcycle, meaning he “Yepped” and nodded and didn’t hear a word Nick had said so when he called him tonight asking him if he was ready, he said he had made other plans and he didn’t recall making plans.   As long as they have been friends, I would have thought Nick would know that by now as I learned early on you have to wait until a restroom or other break in activity to ask Marv anything if he is working on a task as he gets tunnel vision.

I said he still could go now as I could catch a bite to eat and shop on my own but he said it was too late.  He decided to pick up some pork chops for Nick at Costco.   I also needed to get Diet Vernor’s from Kroger and asked if he wanted me to pick up a pack of Ramen to give to Nick for his “Chinese” meal and he said Nick would probably get a laugh out of it.   Marv said later on that he like both the pork chops and did get a chuckle out of the Ramen.


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