East on Berry Street Downtown Fort Wayne


Downtown Fort Wayne heading East on Berry Street.   In the 90’s I worked at Lincoln Bank (was then Norwest Bank, then Tower Bank and now Old National Bank).   To the right of that is another bank that I worked at after that which was originally Fort Wayne National Bank, then National City Bank and now is PNC.   One thing you can count on in banking these days; no matter where you work, they will be bought out by a bigger bank or a different one within 10 years, if not sooner.

I snapped this after heading home from Marv’s after dropping off food that was left over after a lunch at work on Wednesday that would otherwise have been thrown out.

At first, I played with the dogs tossing their toys, but they got all slobbery and ucky and the wolf thing kept trying to nip so I decide to tear off chunks of a couple of leftover dinner roll to keep them occupied, which worked for while until they got full.   They then converged around me and started laying on my feet and by my side, thinking because I gave them something to eat that I liked them; can they not tell I am a cat person?  I like meow-meows, not woof-woofs.

I was just trying to keep the off of the couch without having to listen to growl, howls or whines.   I also saw the wolf thing eyeballing the handle of my leather purse and could see in her eyes she was thinking of making that her new chew toy so when the rolls were gone, it was time for me to go too.  After Maxx ate my shoe when I was dog sitting, leaving only the metal buckle and half devouring the other one I decided my fashion accessories will never again become a victim of a chew crazy puppy.

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