Cherokee the Wolf Dog


Kyle’s girlfriend’s wolf/dog that somehow has ended up at his Dad’s again.  Her name is Cherokee, but I call her Satan’s Little Helper.  You can see by the pic she seems to think the couch is hers.

She is a pretty dog, I will give you that, she is a whirling dervish Destrolux.    Judging by the laundry room floor, she looks to be on her third towel already.  Marv told me she consumed another videotape, one that had Beatles song as the title, I said tell me it is was not “Can’t Buy Me Love”.   He confirmed that is the one.   I didn’t even know Kyle had taken that one over there; not happy as that is was a hard movie to find.

Marv was even more unhappy that she had gotten into his chalk line, that is used to mark straight lines temporarily in blue chalk all over the living room, making it look like Smurf central.   Worse yet, she goes on the floor instead of asking to go out.   She also howls if she is put in the laundry room when trying to eat a meal in peace.

Kyle said she likes him, but then again, all dogs seem to like Kyle; I think they sense he is a dog person.   It used to unnerve and scare me to no end when he would go to pet someone’s dog when he was young.   I hope they get her fixed soon because if Ratdog impregnates her, a chihuahua/wolf mix is probably not going to be a pretty one.


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