Stranded at the side of the road

Coming back the the drive-in at Huntington a light came on in the van crossing and started making on the overpass near GM and saw it was overheated on the gage so immediately pulled over and shut it off.

Marv checked and there weren’t any busted hoses and after it cooled off a bit he checked the radiator and the fluid was low. He called Kyle, but he said he was not available, so he called his friend Nick and thankfully he was nice enough to pick up some anti-freeze at a gas station and fill a 5 gallon bucket of water and bring it out to us so we could make it back to town.

One thought on “Stranded at the side of the road

  1. the radiator must have a mirco-leak as it took 3 months to loose 1.3gal. of coolant. I called Ace Radiator of Fort Wayne Indiana and they assured me that they can pressure test the radiator in car so I do not have to pull it out to test it. We’ll have to do that soon.


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