Trip to ER


Marv’s Dr. ordered him to go to the ER for test and said he probably would be admitted, but he told her he had to get his motorcycle home first.  We need to work on priorities.

While waiting, Marv made the observation that there was a woman who would fit in well with at Walmart as she wearing two pairs of pants, yet her rear end seemed to be hanging out the back of both.   Told him people don’t get dolled up to go to the ER; usually, that is when you will see people at their worst and how they look to other people doesn’t even make it on the agenda of concerns, at least it certainly didn’t anytime I had ever been there.

When Kyle was 11-months-old and trying to learn to walk, he was hovering on the table leg in the kitchen and a made grab for my leg as I was going to the fridge and missed and nosedived into the table leg.  He screamed and blood began gushing from his nose.   I picked him up, put cold water on a washcloth and headed to ER.   By the time we got there the bleeding had stopped and he had calmed down but I must have looked panicked, as they staff kept making the comment “You must be a new mom.” or “This is your first child, isn’t it?”  I was concerned his nose was broken but the nurse assured me the bones in his nose weren’t hardened yet and that babies are pretty durable as their bones are not as hard as they will become when they are older and don’t break as easily.

They drew blood and took some X-Rays and said the result wouldn’t be available until the next day and sent him home.


One thought on “Trip to ER

  1. I really appreciated Kathy meeting me at the ER when she got off work, she even beat me there. Having someone like her at my side was really Great. That said… The woman at the ER waiting room was bent over looking at the fish tank . She was not a slender person and her black underware was bare while her pants were worn under the cheeks of her bulbous ass. This was no accident as it is the way “youth of the hood” wears there clothing. I didn’t point out The Peacock hair one guy wore. He had the florescent green plumage rising from his head of a Peacock. The rest of his hair was natural but that green plumage rising up like a roosters tail feather’s had me wondering exactly what type of Mate he was trying to attract.


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