Johnny Appleseed Festival


I took my camera, but I forgot my SD card, so have to settle for a picture of the brochure for this adventure.

Marv and I met with my nephew Aaron and his girlfriend, Lauren, at Steak N Shake for lunch.   I had advised him beforehand probably not a good idea to bring up the time when Aaron was little and kicked him and Marv kicked him back, but of course, he did.  Aaron said he remembered it.   Marv advised he got in trouble for it; I was as mad at him when he did that as I was when I found out Marv’s friend Terry had bitten Kyle after Kyle had bitten him when Kyle was around 3.    You just don’t do that.

A Marv had other things to do, I met Aaron and Lauren at Johnny Appleseed to check out the festival.    If it had not rained and been so muddy, muggy and hot I am sure we would have enjoyed it more.  I was sweating buckets wearing a sleeveless blouse and poor Lauren was wearing a long sleeved sweater.   I also made the mistake of tennis shoes that got muddy and soaked, but Aaron was smart to have worn tennis shoes that were plastic on top and Lauren was wearing boots.   At one point we could see steam when we spoke.  I was thankful when it started raining again because at least it cooled off a bit.

We went past a stage where someone was reenacting being Abe Lincoln.   Aaron advised when he was young they had someone come to his school that reenacted Thomas Edison and he was disappointed at the end to find out it wasn’t the real Thomas Edison.  I can totally understand that; when you are young and you believe what adults tell you.

We saw some interesting things for sale that I wish I had gotten pictures of.  One place and a taxidermied fox head on the end of a long stick and it looked menacing with its long teeth.  There was also real raccoon skin had and animal pelts.  I pointed out that the fur trade used to be currency back in the time of Johnny Appleseed.   They also had wooden swords and a long, steel sword, that was more for show than function for $40.

We also saw some cool dream catchers and Aaron said Lauren is making one in Art class.   I told him about cousin Susan that makes authentic museum-quality Indian pieces.

Lauren wanted to get deep fried apples with Carmel sauce, I had never heard of that before.     The apple slices had been coated, fried, coated with Cinnamon Sugar and then drizzled with Carmel sauce.  She described the outer coating as what you would get on an Elephant ear.  It looked good but I think I gained 2 lbs just looking at it and decided against getting one myself, plus they looked a little challenging to eat as they were hot and skins stuck to the apple and the coating would come off with it.   They liked that the foods there were prepared how they would have been back in olden times, as most of the vendors there did.

One vendor talked Aaron into trying a rubber band slingshot, which was made out of wood and would shoot rubber bands.  It seemed to be as accurate as they said it would be.

Lauren found a “Tree of Life” necklace and a soap sample.  Aaron was going back to purchase a wooden sword as I was leaving (although he wanted the metal one) and said I didn’t need to go with them as they were leaving afterward.  I said I didn’t think I could have made it down that hill again anyway – even though it was covered with straw to try to prevent falls I started to slide and  thought I might end up landing on Aaron.

I should have gone home and changed first, but I knew if I did, I probably wouldn’t go back out to get grocery shopping done so I went to the store and with every step could hear “squish, squish, squish”; the mud was gone after going through several bodies of water at the edge of the parking lot.  While there, saw a man that was probably about 4 1/2 feet tall that looked exactly like a mini Mr. Clean, right down to having the white t-shirt a silver earring in one ear.   Another photo opportunity missed.



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