Cat decal with wagging tail



I needed something to personalize the van I traded with Marv for putting a riding mower on my Sears card for and I knew from the moment I saw the cat decal ad on Facebook with the “wagging” tail if you use the wiper, or some version of it, was exactly what I wanted.

Unfortunately, the link took me to a site that charged $20 for the decal, so I did what I usually do, checked to see if I could find something similar on Ebay and found the above for $2.29 including shipping.

Marv helped get it on the back window on Wednesday night, but today was the first day I had an opportunity to use it.

It also has 4 cat paws that I still need to put on the window.  Below is a link to where I bought it on Ebay, but if all are gone try searching by Cat decal & wagging tail.

Cat Decal


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