McDonald’s Garlic & Parmesan French Fries a/k/a “Gilroy Fries”

At the McDonald’s on South Anthony Blvd, in Fort Wayne we saw a new offereing of Garlic and Parmesan Fries (a/k/a Gilroy Fries per BuzzFeed article where they were tested in San Francisco and named for a town in California that grows the garlic).

They were more expensive than regular fries and as they sounded delicious, and might be good if properly executed, but from what we tried, this menu item is one to skip.

When served the fries were ice cold. The person behind the counter said that as soon as they fries are put in a bowl and the oil and spices and Parmesan are added it starts to get cold in the metal bowl and the lights they are to put them under doesn’t warm them up enough. They did refund our money.

From the article on BuzzFeed:

“The new fries are made-to-order in McDonald’s kitchens where restaurant employees toss French fries in stainless steel bowls with a purée mix that includes ingredients such as chopped Gilroy garlic and olive oil, parmesan cheese, parsley and a pinch of salt.”

It sound like they need to add a toaster oven and toast the mixture for a few minutes to warm up and meld the ingredients together and they might be delicious, but as is, there is nothing worse than the taste of a cold french fry inundated with an oily bite of garlic with fake Parmesan Cheese.  Unless they work on perfecting the execution, this is one to skip and will be a limited offering.


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