Me and Debbie – 11/3/1977

The above pic is of me and one of my best friends at the time, Debbie Cloud.   I had noted on the back it was taken 11/3/1977 so we both would have been around 15 years old.  I don’t recall where it was taken.   We had gone to the same Elementary school and had been in the same 5th-grade class together, but had not interacted much.

In the 7th grade we were but into the “lanes” and we both ended up in the college prep lane class along with our other friend Carolyn.  I will never forget how happy I was on the day she referred to me as her best friend on the bus in passing.

We used to have a lot of fun just hanging out and doing not much of anything.   I remember us dancing to a KISS album in my living room and always having to go in through the garage door and take off our shoes if we went to her house.

I remember seeing a picture of her Dad on a camel and she said he had been in Saudi Arabia during the war and I thought that was the coolest thing.  He warned that camels spit a lot so you didn’t want to be in front of them, ever.   After that her Dad seemed ok with us being friends and that he must have influenced her Mom, because, by the 8th grade, we finally had a sleepover at her house.

I recall her neighbor, was a fellow drummer in Band that had made my life living hell for me.   He was a bully and mean for no reason.  We soaped his parent’s garage windows and he had to clean it off and we laughed.

In high school, once I got my driver’s license. many times I would drive Debbie and I to school and we would go to McDonald’s in Huntington near the high school before classes.   My senior year, many times my brother and his friend Robert joined us.

Originally, she and our other best friend, Carolyn, had planned on going off to Ball State together after graduation but they both decided to work for a year first.   Carolyn ended up getting married and I was one her bridesmaids.

Debbie came down to stay overnight once after I first started my Freshman year.  It was during “Rush” week and we went down fraternity row to the frat parties.  I could tell she was uncomfortable so we went back to the dorm and watched TV.   I don’t recall hearing from her after that, maybe we exchanged a letter or two. There was no internet and long distance phone calls were expensive.   I got busy with my classes and she probably was busy working full time and had made new friends.

I don’t know if the whole college thing was too much for her, or if she was resentful she had not gone off to college as well.

I think I called her parents home and left a message at the end of Freshman year when I came home for the Summer, but didn’t hear back and didn’t keep trying and despite it being a small town, never ran into her again.

Sometimes life takes us in different directions, but I wish we had kept in touch.


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