Kyle and Marv at Dinner at Casa’s


Kyle, his girlfriend Shay his Dad and I met up at Casa D’Angelo’s on Parnell Avenue in Fort Wayne for dinner.   Kyle actually ate something for a change, and didn’t just order meatballs like he does a Fazoili’s, but ordered the Quattro Al Formaggi topped with both chicken and sausage, a side Casa Salad and bread.

I began taking Kyle to this location of Casa’s when he was a little guy on Saturday’s, either before or after shopping or doing an activity as they used to have an inexpensive lunch special on Saturday and  many times he just wanted a drink and my meatball of the bowl of pasta I ordered and a little bit of salad.

They used to have fabric hanging in the section to the right of where we are seated in the pic and he used to say “My blankies”, which meant is blankets as they did have sort of the color of a super thick comforter we used to have that he used to like to lay on the floor and watch a video,  many times falling asleep.   He was such an adorable child.

Marv always try to hurry up and take off his oxygen cannula before each pic, looking untethered to a machine may not look cool, but the lesser evil than not getting enough oxygen in your system.  He tries to push it too much sometimes and the lack of oxygen makes him confused and if someone like me isn’t around to get on his case to tell him to put it back on, don’t know what will happen.

Although we hadn’t expected it, Kyle was nice enough to pick up the entire tab.  Instead of money, though, I wish he would spend more time with us.


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