Describing Marv in a sentence or word…

Above pic is of Marv goofing off with some thrift store glasses I picked up as they looked like something that would be in a bar on “Star Trek” and are acrylic so they will not break, but the post below has to do with a conversation we had on Friday night when I told Marv if he asked people to describe him a word or sentence he should expect the term “character” to come quite a bit.
The following is what he posted on Facebook and the responses he received and there was at least one other person that concurred, and more probably would have had it just been stated as a question .
Marvin Sprowl

To my friends and cousins who know me. The other day during supper Kathy and I were having a discussion about a post Mari Jackson sent that said after all these years I have not changed and my reply was “Why change perfection”. As this discussion continued Kathy said that she thought I was a ” character”. I said like what Buggs Bunny, what is that?? It was her suggestion that I do this post and ask this question. In one sentence or word, for those who know me, please describe me. Since I value honesty that is what I would like. To those who (maybe one person) who think I’m toe jam I already know how you feel.

Kay Clabaugh quirky 🙂 but loveable

Marvin Sprowl

 Marvin Sprowl well Kay, you would know. you have known me for.. about 40 years?

Susan Kline Rupel you were a hoot in school but in a funny way.

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Phillip North Hard-working

Marvin Sprowl

Marvin Sprowl Thank you Phil. Kathy said the same thing but I just installed a new kitchen faucet for her at cost

Janet Bolan

 Janet Bolan Fearless and fun loving
Warren Wade
 Warren Wade Ok here goes—you are a cousin i and warren love very much. Your knowledge of cars is impressive willing not to be lazy and work when you shouldn’t,your faith in Jesus and you are not afraid to express it. You took it on to look up our grandparents and leads you to be a loveable cousin!!! Sharon Kay
 Marvin Sprowl wow! didn’t expect that. I do want to ride up (to Burr Oaks) to see ya’ll when you get back from the UP.

Kathryn Sprowl I still have to stick with “character” – not sure how else to describe a person with a reputation for chasing people around with a rubber chicken in high school or who has a pickle phobia.

 Marvin Sprowl AAHHHH, ITS NOT A Phobia! I just do not like them. It’s been 33 years since I tossed 2 on a restaurant window and played “pickle races” The juices seep into the sandwich bun and still taste like pickles– just like onions! NO matter how many times I ask for no pickles, no pickle spear, no cucumbers , no onions … and no pickles and I still get pickles. The folks at Liberty Diner call me ‘The Pickle Guy” . that should be ‘The NO Pickle Guy”!
Kathryn Sprowl
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David Myers

David Myers A good honest friend


David Myers

David Myers I’m not sure yet. I’ve never been to one yet. I will let you know marvin


David Myers

David Myers I’ve been at wsi for 19 yrs


Kathryn Sprowl
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Pam Carroll

Pam Carroll You always seem to be happy, that’s how I remember you.


Catherine Roberts

Catherine Roberts A wonderful Christian man, talented Master plumber, kind and very generous to those who are blessed to know you.


Brenda Emley

Brenda Emley Well Marvin trying to describe you in one word is super hard to do. I always admired your honesty and kindness to everyone. You are what I consider a good salt of the earth kind of guy that is a good God Fearing Christian man. What’s not to like about a person like that. Just my opinion…..


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Marcia Whittum Woodard

Marcia Whittum Woodard You sound like a great Christian guy now, but if you’re at all like you were “way back when”….

(Remember what happened to the little plastic statues of Abe Lincoln on the bus ride back from Chicago, during our 6th grade field trip? Or what was passSee Moreed on a tray through the order window at KFC, which I believe I heard got you fired?)

If you’re still at all like that wacky guy, then I think I’d have to agree with Kathy… “character”!

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Marvin Sprowl
 Marvin Sprowl Thank you all for the Eulogy. I never meant to get responses like this. It’s sorta embarrassing and humbling. You’re all invited to my FUNeral when that day comes and you don’t really have to bring a gift..Well, it’s not expected but if you want to.. bring bike parts.
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Marvin Sprowl

Marvin Sprowl I like a good laugh, even when i am the only one laughing, which happens often. As kathy and my son says ” I’m funny in my own mind”🙂


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