Chili’s Special – Salad, Burger & Dessert for $10

In checking out dining options I picked Chili’s as they have a current promotion of Salad, Burger & Dessert for $10 and as subscribe to their email promotion. also an order of free chips and salsa.

We both ordered the Ultimate Bacon Burger, which is topped with 2 servings of bacon, cheddar, (pickles, lettuce, red onion – except on Marv’s as he hates both) a tomato, jalapeño aioli, spicy Buffalo sauce & honey chipotle sauce.   It was an ok burger but nothing special and the sauces made the bun sort of soggy.  The salad was ok and Marv was happy to find out they had Bleu cheese dressing, which is his fav and many places don’t serve, except he had warned against any cucumber/pickle or onion as he has a phobia (although he says it is just and aversion to) and there was both in his salad.   Our waitress, quickly picked it up and took it away and apologized, which was good because I had already warned her how he freaks out if one of those items are on this plate (It is not pretty would be an understatement).

The dessert offering is the mini Molten Lava cake. which is a chocolate cake with a melted chocolate center. that is topped with Vanilla ice cream, which was also ok, but not something I would order again.

As for the chips that were free with the coupon, they were light and crispy and would have been awesome if hit with a bit a salt before serving.  The salsa was rather basic and also not something I would order again.

Probably the most interesting part of the experience was what Marv disclosed after we left, as he said I would lose my appetite if he told me before then so I said I didn’t want to hear it.   After we left he said when I went to the lavatory, he found a bug on the table and started playing with it, then asked our waitress if his new friend was on the menu and he dumped it on the table.  He said she swatted it with the menu replied “It is now”.   The gross part is he said  she removed the menu from our table, it was put back into the menu bin and picked up again by an unsuspecting waitstaff,  without the bug guts being sanitized off of it.  My gag flex started kicking in when he told me in the van.   Will be a long time before I can dine there again, regardless of the promotion as that image is now stuck in my head.

He also asked me to indicate what I thought his current maturity level was after somehow the conversation of his being known as the “Rubber Chicken” guy came up.  After we were first married I had joined a social group of University Women and it was fun and after attending many events that I enjoyed I came across an event where one of the women asked if I was related to Marv and she  proceeded to tell me they were a class together in high school and he used to chase her, and others, around with a rubber chicken.  While I was surprised, I was not stunned.   About 20 minutes later a progressive dinner with each person’s house was being planned but I was skipped and picked up it was intentional and I was being shunned.   He seemed upset then as I was rejected for his chicken chasing antics, but I informed him I had decided at that time if that was a deal breaker for women I barely knew, it was not a big deal to me and I had decided then and there if that is how they felt, I really didn’t want to be a part of that pretentious group.   While rejection always hurts no matter what, you have to choose your battles wisely and decide what and who is worth it and who is not.

While rejection always hurts no matter what, as everyone wants to be liked and accepted, just because someone doesn’t like you, it doesn’t mean you are not worth liking.






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