Found out my ex-Sister-In-Law Passed away


I found out tonight that my ex Sister-In-Law, Kim, had passed away Sunday, July 31st.  After my brother and she divorced around 2003, I lost contact with her and my nephew.   She was a wonderful, outgoing person with a bubbly personality that you just couldn’t help but like.  She also had a beautiful singing voice.   I am heartbroken for her Mom and especially my nephew who is still in high school.   She was just shy of her 50th birthday.

We had had ran into her and my nephew at Jury Pool in New Haven around 2008 and I didn’t recognize her as she had lost a lot of weight (above photo I think was taken when she was much younger).  She had re-married and said he was a good man and good role model for Aaron.   The last time I saw her was a few months later at Meijer around 7:00am and she was picking up donuts for a Sunday School class that she was teaching and they had gummy worms on the top of them – had something to do with the lesson she was teaching that day.

I didn’t know her new last name or where she lived, so I had been sending cards to her parent’s address at Christmas to try to keep in touch and got a letter around the end of May.   She had indicated she had health issues, but I didn’t realize there were so serious and imminent.

I had called and  left a message and tried calling again and didn’t get an answer and I debated about sending a letter when I found a friend request from her Mom on Facebook and accepted.  I thought it might have been Kim using her Mom’s account and I asked how things were going and maybe we all could get together.   When I logged on tonight I got a message about finding a couple of photo albums when cleaning out Kim’s things and gave me her phone number.   I messaged back to ask how Kim was doing when it hit me, why would her Mom being going through Kim’s things unless something happened, then I Googled and found her obituary.

I am trying hard not to be consumed with regret of not trying harder to have gotten together.   I guess I didn’t all this time as I felt  I felt I was a reminder of my brother that abandoned his son as a toddler and didn’t want to interfere in a life they had left behind.

Time on this Earth is fleeting and none of us are promised a tomorrow; all we can do is be grateful for each day and try to be good to each other.



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