The picture is from a Facebook from one of those “Do You Remember When” and it was taken from a 1970’s crochet book, which is blatantly apparent from by the Burnt Orange, Yellow and Olive crocheted items on the cover which were the “in” colors at the time.  The poncho on the left may even be the same pattern my Mom used to make mine when I was in grade school in baby blue and pink.
 I used to wear it all the time and thought it was cool and stylin and my Mom had made it just for me.   One day I wore it our local laundromat and was running, which my Mom had warned me not to sue and I got caught on one of the coin slots  I fell forward with such a force it knocked the wind out of me.  I couldn’t even cry initially as I was gulping for air and it was not coming in.
It was the first time I ever thought I was dying and realize I actually would someday. I never wore that poncho again even though I had loved it as it reminded me of that.
I did start to cry but my Mom helped me up, told me I just had knocked the wind out of  myself and I was fine and if I had listened and hadn’t been running, it wouldn’t have happened, which was true.  Sometimes you just have learn things yourself the hard way before it sinks in that hey, maybe my Mom was right after all.

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