Late Dinner at McDonald’s at Southtown

We had originally planned on going to Burger King in Southgate Plaza but upon arrival at 8:20PM the dining room door were locked. Marv even went to the drive-thru to ask what time the dining area closed and was told 9PM; when he pointed out it was only 8:20PM they stopped talking to him.

We decided instead to go to McDonald’s at the corner of 27 and South Anthony to see if their dining area was still open (and also knew Wendy’s was open until 10pm from a prior visit) and we were pleasantly surprised their dining area was open until 11pm daily.

I had not been inside this location in years but was happy to see that they had remodeled the dining area and it had a fireplace in the center and a flat screen tv above it on each side and a table and bench on each side.  It also had a curved counter with “bucket” type bar stools that were padded and looked very comfortable, although we sat small, square table on the wall by the doors that had regular chairs.

One thing that is consistent at pretty much everywhere we go…Marv ordered no pickles or onions and ended up with both and had to go back to the counter to get a new one made without it.

Location: Corner of 27 and South Anthony, Fort Wayne, IN


3 thoughts on “Late Dinner at McDonald’s at Southtown

  1. I always get pickles or onions or both as the order taker does not listen to my order or the cook just makes the like he always does- mindless routine and mundane. I send them back and direct them not Just to remove the offending veggie but make the whole sandwich over as the juices flow into the bun bread and contaminates the sandwich.


  2. the folks inside the burger king that closed their dining room early waved bye to me in a smartass jester. many other people arrived in cars trying to go into the dining area were turned away due to the doors being locked when they should be opened


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