Ice Cream at Zestos


Zesto’s is a locally owned business that has been at the corner of Broadway and Creighton for over 50 years and been in the Diettrich family for over 35 years with a few franchises in the area, but this is the original location that all the locals know and love.  One of the signs it is Spring in this town is when Zestos opens its windows.   There are no tables; only a bench to the right of the building and all business is through two walk-up windows.   Most people take it to their air-conditioned cars to consume.  Even on a rainy Sunday eve, it had a line.

If you are a tourist on a visit in Fort Wayne, this is a local secret that is a must try to get a local’s experience fo the town.  The ingredients are fresh and the ice cream has a lighter and not overly sweet taste.  It is very close to the flavor, but a little bit thicker than homemade ice cream like your great-grandparents probably made.  The prices are on par with your local Dairy Queen but have the nostalgia factor where grandparents can share their childhood memories with their grandchildren like no big chain ever could.

When I worked at one of the banks in town over 20 years ago, the Diettrich’s were one of the customers and very nice, hardworking, admirable small-business people that were passionate about their product despite, being a seasonal business, and it looks like carried over to their children that now manage the business.

Marv got a Butterscotch dipped vanilla cone and I purchased a Snickerz Razzle, which is similar to a DQ Blizzard with homemade ice cream.


Location: 2225 Broadway, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802


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