Centlivre Village Apartments


This had once been a busy, bustling 455 unit apartment complex that now looks abandoned except for two building, which in checking further have been turned into Park Place Condominiums.  It is off of North Clinton Street east of the Salvation Army Corporate building.

Marv said when he went to school at International Business College he remembered riding his bike up from south of downtown where he lived to visit friends and go to parties.   I had looked at an apartment there many years ago as I liked it was far enough from Clinton Street not to hear or worry about high traffic and with a lot of units, probably a lot of playmates for my son.

I might have rented there; at the time it was $100 lower than most of the other places I had looked and at the time it had a nice clubhouse and pool.  The pool is now empty except for debris.

but there were only units that were open were on the uppers floors and I had concerns with Kyle playing on the balcony and wanted something on the ground floor, although it did have elevators so you didn’t have trudge things upstairs.   I was also looking for something with a washer and dryer in the apartment and these did not, but had a laundry room on each floor.

From a real estate listing on Loopnet in 2010 that indicates off-market in 2013:

“Centlivre Village Apartments is a 455 unit mid-rise apartment community situated in a Park like setting on 17.455 acres. Centlivre Village Apartments contains 16 studios, 169 one-bedroom, 249 two-bedroom and 21 three-bedroom units. The apartment community has a separate leasing office, community building, swimming pool, and maintenance building. The complex was originally constructed in multiple phases from 1963 to 1967 using the highest quality materials available at the time for a cost exceeding $7 million dollars. To rebuild Centlivre in today’s dollars would cost a developer in excess of $30 million dollars. Constuction is block and steel deck construction, interior stairwells are steel frame, walls are concrete block filled with concrete, electric base board heat, wall A/C units, wide central corridors and 1,500 lb. elevators. Rehabilitation estimate is currently at $6.5 MM.

There are 5 buildings on the property which include buildings 1, 2, 3/4, 7 and 8. What were buildings 5 & 6 were sectioned off in 1984 and are now home to Park Place Condominiums. Based on the Phase I environmental study on the property; there is no lead present.

The property is located near the north side of Fort Wayne, just west of Clinton Street in a quiet low-traffic residential neighborhood contiguous to a 6 acre city park. The surrounding area largely consists of single family homes but nearby Clinton Street is a major north-south corridor that is home to many retail, office, industrial, and entertainment facilities. Centlivre Village Apartments is also located near the Fort Wayne Children’ s Zoo, the new 3-sheet Canlan Ice Arena, Glenbrook Square Mall and the upcoming Pufferbelly Greenway Trail that will connect the site to parks, the zoo, and downtown Fort Wayne.”

It was sad to drive back there and see it so dead and looking like a brick version of Chernobyl.  There is a glimmer of hope that someone is working on restoring this as there was a large trash bin there (not pictured).

DSCN9106 DSCN9107 DSCN9108 DSCN9109 DSCN9110 DSCN9111


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