I’m A Snake…

One Color Gnomes I am not sure what topic led to this discussion, perhaps it was the odd things that have become popular like the One Color Gnomes from a few days ago, or the Kardashian, but I was trying to describe the above video “I’m A Snake”  that was on Tosh.O that Kyle showed me back when it aired in 2010.

He just looked at me rather oddly, as did the other Burger King diners who were taking advantage of the 2 for $10 Whopper meal promotion, saying “I’m a Snake, I’m a slithery little snake” and hissed then said  “I’m like “Slither, Slither like Anaconda” and then the guy says something Jennifer Lopez  and about the movie ruining her career, but not her rear.  I also told him the fella had even made and sold “snake” hats at one point.   He looked like he didn’t believe me and

I also told him the fella had even made and sold “snake” hats at one point and was an internet celebrity.  I think the video has over 4 million views now.  Marv looked like he didn’t believe me and  I finally just told him to look it up on this phone.

He did and obviously got a kick out of it as he watched it the video several times, then he started to imitate the guy, except his hissing sounded more like the sound Hannibal Lecture made when he said he liked the Census taker with “Fava Beans and a nice Chianti”.     A darker turn was the part about “I’m an Anaconda and I am going to swallow you whole” which technically correct as in the movie “Anaconda” did both Owen Wilson and Jon Voight’s character in the movie were swallowed whole.

Shortly after, I noticed the family didn’t seem quite done with their meal gathering up to leave.   To try to change the subject, I told him to also look up the “Double Rainbow guy” as that has been on Tosh.0 around that time as well and excused  myself to the ladies room.   I figured Double Rainbow guy would be pretty harmless.   Not sure if he parodied that while I was gone.   The place seemed even more cleared out when I came back.   I guess it could make one wonder what might be in the food.

I don’t think we will be going back to the same location this week for Whopper Wednesday.   Maybe give it a few weeks even.


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