Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure


Saw this a friend’s Facebook post and thought it was a joke post until Marv looked it up on EBAY and found out it is a real item.  She is a 5 1/4 inch tall figure that comes complete with 6 cat figurines.

If it weren’t for the buggy eyes on her, I could paint her hair and clothing dark, paint 4 cats white (to represent Baby, Princess, Binky and Abercombie), one gray (Tom) and make the brown one a calico (Precious), all which were cats we owned at one time.    Although I have been catless for over 20 years due to rent restrictions and allergies/asthma by family members, I am still a cat person at heart.

She even has the no longer headbands like I like to wear.  In fact, I just bought another dozen of them    Thank goodness Hilary Clinton stopped wearing them.   When someone asked me if I was a fan of Hilary’s because I wore headbands, I replied with a resounding “NO” and I had been wearing them longer than she had.  If anything, she stole my look.


I used to even have a pink and white bathrobe that Kyle used for his performance of Al Yankovich’s “Bought It On Ebay” parody done to the tune of the Backstreet Boys “I Want It That Way” for “Our Celebrity Kid” competition when he was young.   The funniest part though was when he pulled out a wiglet that had been my Mom’s and plopped it on his head to represent (Willam) Shatner’s toupee.   They were rolling on that one.  But I digress.

They also have it for sale at Walmart for $10.66.

Marv notice one on EBAY that has a dark robe and plaid pants.  Boy, do those eyes look buggy up close.  Minus the buggy eyes, she looks a little like my roommate my Senior year of college, Kim, except Kim had red hair.   Can’t recall what she was majoring in, but it should have been interior decorating as she rearranged our dorm room completely about once a week and made it look very different.   Not just decorating but rearranging the furniture too, including full dressers full of clothes and sometimes wore my clothes.   She also had watched about every TV show since she was a child and could remember every episode, so the rearranging and wearing my clothes didn’t bother me as we always had television shows to talk about.

Back to the action figure, what is up with the cat’s head; is it wearing a hat?  Marv said he saw some program with a woman created a business out of selling cat hats.  Heck, I have seen cat wigs for sale, so perhaps it is.     Precious liked to ride in the car and curled up around my neck like that.   Might have to get the set and paint this one to look like her instead.


On the back of the box it even has a quiz to find out if you are really a crazy cat lady, although I strongly disagree with the last question as I am a Christian, but I know on year I spent more on the cats checkups/teeth cleaning than I did my own medical bills as I don’t think I had any that year.  I did also buy baby food meats for my cat “Baby” because she was a picky eater and it was about all she would eat.



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