Ash Skyline Center


Ash Skyline Center is a newer addition to the city and part of the downtown revitalization project that has been going on for the past 20 years or so.  It takes up an entire city block.

On Ash Brokerage’s website, it indicates that is opened on 6/1/16 and they occupy the top 3 floors and that the 260 employees currently working here sit within 50 feet of a window.  I hope that cheers up their disposition of their employees.   When I worked at Insurance and Risk Managment long ago, I  had to deal with a woman at Ash that seemed perpetually perturbed and never had a nice thing to say about anyone or anything.  I only dealt with her on the phone, but I was shocked to learn from my boss that she was only in her late 20’s; she was more bitter that any old person I ever had known that had life kick them in the teeth and had a real reason to be bitter.  My boss said it was from the stress of the job and be patient and remain calm no matter how nasty and hateful she was, as affability meant more than anything else in this business, even if the other end isn’t.

The website indicated the following are open:

  • A city-owned parking garage
  • Lake City Bank
  • Skyline YMCA
  • Fort Wayne Outfitters Bike Hub
  • Parkview TherapyONE
  • DeBrand Fine Chocolates
  • The Golden restaurant
  • The Find boutique

It indicates also that



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