Sipping a Hibiscus Tea and Reading Stephen King Outside Starbucks

I had a gift certificate that had been given to me for Starbucks and I love the cozy patio furniture outside the one across from Glenbrook Mall and decided to try a Hibiscus Tea and read more of a novel I picked up at Ollies for $3.99 by Stephen King called “Dr. Sleep”.

The tea looked refreshing, but it was not very cold or flavorful and had large berries in it that I ended up taking home and adding to a smoothie as I didn’t want to waste them; it is not something I would recommend or buy again.

I do like the book so far; but then again, I am have been a Stephen King fan since my Mom introduced me to “The Stand” when I was in Junior High.  It turns out it is a sequel to “The Shining”.    You could probably read it without reading “The Shining” but I think you would miss the nuances and many of the references, even though he does try to fill in the gaps so it is a stand-alone book.  As with any book, the book is always better than the movie but have always found it even more so with Stephen King books.   I have yet to see a film or TV adaptation I thought ever truly did justice to any of his books and actually hated “Cujo” as the ending was changed from the books much darker ending.


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