Thirft Store Finds – $3 – 4 Kid’s Book and 2 scarves during 50% off sale


I usually don’t carry much cash, but had enough for this transaction at my local Goodwill on 1/2 price day, but as I snoozed, and likely lost as I went their late afternoon, most items were picked over.

I bought the books for the “Free Little Library” that we plan on building and the scarves to wear.   I read the books while in store and noticed two little girls playing with the dolls and toys.  I would have taken a picture and blogged that instead, but was no way to do that clandestinely.

It was fun to watch the girls get so much enjoyment out of used toys and reminded me of my son when we used to go and he liked to play with the toys there.   One time he was having so much fun with a playset that I could not afford at the time that an older lady came up and gave me money to buy it for him.  Initially, I turned it down and told her he had a lot of toys and didn’t need another one, but she was insistent and pushed the money in my hand and saying watching him be so happy with it made her happy.  Both he and she were beaming and I caved against my better judgment.

I saw the little girl being told by their Dad they had to pick one doll a piece and they were devastated as they had found more than one they wanted.  He tried to steer them to the better dolls pointing out the ones that didn’t have any clothing, messy hair or all their parts.  Initially, the girls each picked one but as their parents were still shopping, but next thing was I saw something that Kyle used to do; sneak dolls into their cart.

In the end,I saw the Dad saying “Geez out, there are 12 dolls and I told you to pick one each!”

Part of me wanted to give him the money for all the dolls or buy and give to them as they loved them so much, but the parent part thought it would be undermining their parental authority and teaching the girls to be cute and adorable, which apparently I have unintentionally done to my son, to get what they want instead of hard work and opted against it.   Each girl was trying to figure out which of the six each they wanted to take home with them.

Thus, why I ended up with only 4 books and 2 scarves.


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