Book Fair

Every month or so, a book fair by a discounted book company is held in our cafeteria area and I have purchased several discounted books at a great price there.

However, I don’t go when there when I see one guy, an older man, that gave me attitude after I sat in the chair in the back that is out and changed the channel to the Food Network to either “Brunch With Bobby” or “Chopped” for my 15-20 minutes of lunch and said sarcastically, “That’s fine.  The game was just about over!”.    I will never buy a book if I see him there.

Not in a million years, if I had that job, would I ever consider telling someone that I might be clandestinely watching their company television instead of the books/patrons/doing my job, let alone be rude to a potential customer.  Oh heck no.  If I did that job, if I saw they changed the channel to a food show I would be quick to go over and point out any and all of our recipe books and point to the recipes I like the best.   I would know my  product and I would have at least looked at, if not read, each and every book and if had something to try, try it so I could recommend certain things.  If I totally hated the book, then I would steer them to something else I thought was good.  If the book was total crap and hated it, I would tell my employer to dump the product; if I loved it, I would tell them to buy more and sell  it.  If you are in any type of sales, you need to know your product and sell it and above all, make your customer feel important because they are; without your customers, you don’t have a job.

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