Strawberry Moon

strawberry moon

Tonight was a rare astronomical event.   According to Christian Science Monitor it is a rare astronomical event that hasn’t occurred in decades.

In addition to the June solstice coinciding with a full moon:

“It marks the fourth of four full moons between the March 2016 equinox and the June 2016 solstice, EarthSky reports. Typically, there are only three full moons in that period. There will also be four full moons between the March 2035 equinox and the June 2035 solstice, 19 years from now, but the June solstice won’t coincide with a full moon again until Jun 21, 2062.

The full moon for the month of June is known in the United States as the Full Strawberry Moon, because it alerted Algonquin tribes that it was time to gather ripe fruit. In Europe, where strawberries aren’t native, it’s been known as the Full Rose Moon and the Honey Moon.”

We tried to take a picture in town but there were too many distractions, so we ended up driving clear up by Carmike Cinemas towards a lot that is under construction near it to get the above picture with my Nikon Coolpix which unfortunately did not capture the beauty and detail you could see with the naked eye.


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