Outside the Styx Concert at Foellinger Theater

styx concert
After shopping for groceries, I was going down Goshen Road and saw cars pulling in off  to the left near Gateway Plaza there and a sea of cars pulling off to the right to what is usually and empty field and what had to be parking illegally for the Styx concert at  Foellinger Theater.  I drove around to Franke Park and it was just as bad over by the zoo, across from the zoo and in the park.

Above are squatters in lawn chairs sitting outside in lawn chairs beyond the fenced-off area to try to hear the band for free.   While the tickets are too high ;to sit on the hard metal bench next to a sweaty stranger was around $50 and for an actual hard, narrow, wooden seat, it was around $100.   Even still, don’t think I would resort to squatting on the front lawn of a place in hopes of hearing any band play (and I am a fan of Styx).   I also planned on not going anywhere later in the evening as traffic down Sherman after a concert at Foellinger is a nightmare.



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