Thrift Store Score – 6 Stephen King Books for $1.50


I took 2 hours of PTO this afternoon and went to the Franciscan Center Family Thrift Store to shop and it turned out they were having a 50% off sale and I scored the following Stephen King books that I haven’t read yet. :

  • Different Seasons
  • Skeleton Crew
  • Four Past Midnight
  • Lisey’s Storey
  • Just After Sunset
  • The Long Walk

They were normally 50 cents a piece but with the 50% off, were only 25 cents.


2 thoughts on “Thrift Store Score – 6 Stephen King Books for $1.50

  1. Hi! In one of these weird internet surfing accidents ;), I happened upon your photo vlog – love it, love it, love it! It is like sitting down with another woman and having a conversation – preferably over a cool, non-alcoholic drink, as we’re having a heatwave in the Virginia countryside right now! – and I will definitely be back again!!! … Anyway, I picked THIS one to open my commenting with, because in 95-97, I lived in Bangor, Maine, in a rented mobile home — three blocks from THIS author! No, no, no – he wasn’t like some stuffy celeb movie guy — he was just an everyday kind of ordinary man in his high school letter jacket, who lived in one of the nicer homes (one of the old lumber baron’s houses) with a distinctive spider web type of design on the wrought-iron gate … you could bunk into him all sorts of places – giving a million dollars to the library; a hardware store; 12-step meetings …


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