Little Free Library – Outside Fire Station 11, 405 East Rudisill, Fort Wayne, IN

Marv has said a Little Free Library he had driven past didn’t have any books and I thought it was this location, so I decided to drop off some magazines and books and check the box as thinking of having one to steward myself and checking out others designs and what types of books to stock it with.

This Little Free Library is outside Fire Station 11 at the North East corner of Rudisill and Lafayette Blvd.

I like that they kept the original “schoolhouse” design, but added their touch to it with the flames on the roof.

When I was walking away one of the handsome young lad came out to say Hello, as it seems all firemen are handsome in some way…I think it is the law.   He asked it the library was empty again and I told him no, I had just dropped some items off.  He said he noticed me taking a picture and I explained I am a blogger and was going to write a post on it.

I am guessing it was empty and someone must have complained and they were worried someone had taken the books again after they were restocked and they were going to get another complaint, but it is good to know someone is keeping an eye on it.

On the Little Free Library Website, it does have tips to avoid vandalism (link below) and indicates while it is a probability, statistically reports have been .01%.   As the books in the Little Free Libary are meant to be for anyone to take home and use, even if someone takes all of them home and not to read, but tries to sell them at a garage sale or online it is not theft; it means the person that took them must be very desperate or very greedy.




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