Italian Deli Trio Insalada at Fazolis



I decided to try one of Fazoil’s new offerings, the “Italian Deli Trio Insalada (this is their spelling, a play on the Italian word for salad, Insalata”) for $7.49.

It is made with leaves of Romaine lettuce, chopped up bits of Salami, Capicola (which is a fancy name for dried, cured, ham cold cuts), baked ham and a mixture of chopped Kalamata olives, shaved Parmesan and White Balsamic Vinegar and croutons on top.

The lettuce was not cold and crisp as would be expected in a salad, it was wilty and lukewarm.   Also, the meats are cut up into chunks and the olive/Parmesan/vinegar “dressing”, which is ok and does have a slightly savory acidic taste, is just a dollop in the center.   You can try mixing it up but you still get inconsistent bites of ingredients instead of the meld of deliciousness and textures you expect in a salad.

While Fazoli’s does a great job with pastas and have to give them credit for trying to diversify their menu, this is not something I liked or would recommend.   Although it is a salad and you might think it is healthier and has few calories, you would be wrong.

It has a whopping 730 calories, which is more than any pasta with meat or marinara sauce have.   Dressing/topping that comes with it is not enough to cover the salad, so you will probably need a packet of dressing as I did with a packet of Ranch dressing, which can add about 220 more calories, so you might as well skip this and just get the Classic Sampler you wanted instead as it has few calories and you know it is going to be yummy.

If you really need a healthier, lower calorie alternative at Fazolis, get request 2 side salads (40 calories each) and a packet of Fat Free Italian Dressing (25 calories) and a packet of crouton (30 calories).

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