Thrift Store Find – 50’s Poodle Skirt

poodle skirt
When I was in Junior High they used to have “theme” days and one of them was a 50’s day and that is when the subject of Poodle skirts came up and after my Mom explained what it was what is above is pretty much dead-on of what she described.

A proper 1950’s  “Poodle Skirt” is made of wool or wool felt, has a poodle at the bottom and with the leash spiraling up to the waistband on the other side of the skirt.  It checked it for tags to try to see how old it might be, but there were none and might have been a homemade replica of one as it was in pretty good condition with no stains, rips or moth-eaten areas.

I almost bought this to wear to work on Monday as they are having a “Silly” day and thoughts of turning it into a Christmas tree skirt after that we dancing in my head and it did make it into the cart at one point.   The reality set in and realized a cutesy little number like this crosses over from “Silly” to “Crazy”, especially if I go to the grocery store after work.

I really don’t want to end up being on “The People of Walmart”, so I left it there for a younger gal to pick up as it would look cute on a pre-teen or teen gal, even though during the half price sale it would have only been $1.99.



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