45 Record Player and Records

I hadn’t seen a set up like this since I was a youngster shakin’ my groove thing to Peaches and Herb.   This is a Califone and would have been considered for of a professional grade as it was solely for 45RPM’s (45 revolutions per minute) and most home-grade players were for LPs (short for “Long Play” and revolved at 33 revolutions per minute).

Most home-grade players were for LPs (short for “Long Play” and revolved at 33 revolutions per minute) and came with either spindle you could insert on the player or into the 45’s themselves to convert them to be playable on the skinny pencil like spindle of an LP player.

This also has a built in speaker in front, and typically the speakers would separate, unless part of a console unit which was a long wooden box where you opened up the top and there was the turntable and the speakers were built in on each side underneath on each side.  Some units were open underneath the turntable to store albums, but the one I grew up with did not; it sort of looked like a small, dark, square wooden coffin with legs when it was closed.

A few years ago my son saw something on Facebook like the test below, expect below Age Test it said “If you know what this is, you are old”  so,  of course, he asked me what it was and I did/do know what it is.

Although like all vinyl records, they would warp over time and broke and scratched easily, each side of the 45 had one song, so you didn’t have to skip around, search for, fast forward or plug in a number, you just put the record on the player and enjoyed the song.   All 45 had a song on each side.   One was the “A” side which usually had a popular song on the radio and then the “B” side, which was sometimes just a “filler” and sometimes the unknown, previously unheard “B” side.

old test

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