Murals by Yis “Nosego” Goodwin on Pint and Slice Building

These colorful murals are on the side of the Pint and Slice Building in Fort Wayne, IN.

From an article at (link to article below) Pint and Slice donated the use of the side for their building and supplied the materials, but the work was commissioned by the Fort Wayne Museum of Art and the painting completed over a span of four days by Philadelphia-based artist Yis “Nosego” Goodwin. Nosego work mostly with spray paint and has shown his work in the US, UK, Berlin, Thailand and going to Belguim after he completed the above work.

I like the frog the best, as I know what it represents and like the use of blue and purple, which you normally wouldn’t see in a frog. The other thing I thought was a fish, but in looking at it now it looks to have the head of a rat and the rest is a mad science experiment looking like an animal you would expect to find the H. P. Lovecraft based 1985 flick Re-Animator” or maybe like the “Chicken Yodeling” video and it something you dream about after having too much pizza a beer but instead of a German Polka accordion music and bocking like a chicken, it would be Andrea Bocelli with some squealing noises thrown to a more Italian themed accordion tune.

Artist brightens downtown Fort Wayne

Location: South Side of Pint and Slice Building, 816 South Calhoun, Fort Wayne, IN


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