Chicken Yodeling

Just when you thought you had seen it all, someone up with something new.  Not only is their yodeling with chicken, it is by a Japanese dude dressed in lederhosen singing in German to polka music.   It is the kind of thing you would think you would dream (actually, have a nightmare ) about after eating leftover fried rice and sauerkraut late at night.

This was something I just had to share with Marv as he used to work with a guy, Paul,  that played yodeling tapes all on the way to job site.   On those days, he would pray it was not an out of town job.   While might have made them popular when driving through Berne, Indiana, as is has a large population of Swiss/German Amish, when pulling up at the local mall it get would get them stares and odd looks.  We guess that Paul not only has heard of this little ditty, it is probably on his playlist as we speak.

You might want to limit your viewing of video because the yodeling with the upbeat accordion music followed by “bock, bock, bock, bock, bock, bock” gets stuck in your head and next thing you know you are humming it the next day.

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