Shetland Ponies

mini ponies
When in Grabill, IN recently, we drove past these adorable little Shetland ponies and I asked Marv to go back so we could look at them and take a pic.

He pulled into a parking lot that had a few “road apples” and he intentionally ran over one on the backside of the passenger side so I would have to smell it and thought it was hilarious.  Told him the joke was on his because it was his vehicle and he has to smell it too; I am merely the passenger and won’t be in the vehicle that much longer.

We went back and watched them for a few minutes.  I noticed how cute they were; he noticed the “road apples” and referred to them as “Sh!tland Ponies” instead of Shetland and started laughing hysterically again.   Pointed out that there were times when both Kyle and I have said he amuses only himself and this was one of them, which only amused him even more.



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