Ships of Star Trek Coffee Table Book

star trek book

We had shopped at Ollie’s Discount Outlet in Glenbrook Commons, to the west of Glenbrook Mall and Marv lucked upon the above coffee table book for around $6.99:

Star Trek:  Ships of the Line:  by Doug Drexler & Margaret Clark 

It was a 1/3 of the price found online – currently has the same book priced at $21.66.

He didn’t really look inside before buying the book because he started flipping through the pages and wanted to know where the pictures of the ships were because there were only artist’s renderings.  I told him I think what you meant is you expected to see pictures/clips of the models of the ships that were on the television…you do know it was just models for the ships and sets for the inside of the ships that were created from artists concepts and renderings like the ones in the book .  He grumbled “Yes” and I am sure he does, but it was like bursting the bubble of his imagination thinking that there are life-size versions of the ships somewhere.   Maybe someday, there will be.

For now,  I looked up on Youtube and did find a clip from “Good Morning America” from 1992 where Charles Gibson and Joan Lunden visit the set of Star Trek: The Next Generation..That is probably as close as we are going to get of pictures.  (See bottom of post).

An interesting bit on is that two of the three people that worked on the book also worked on the television show Star Trek: The Next Generation:

“Doug Drexler and Margaret Clark both grew up on Long Island, New York. At the very same time, they became fans of Star Trek: The Original Series. Fate being what it was, neither knew the other at the time, though they were mere miles apart. Doug left for California. Margaret stayed. Their lives intersected when Doug began working on a television show called Star Trek: The Next Generation and Margaret began editing Star Trek books. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Michael Okuda was hired to design control panels for Star Trek: The Next Generation. At the time, he was living in Hawaii. He flew to Los Angeles for what he was told would be a quick, two-week job. He hasn’t left yet.”


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