Take Me To Your Liter!

0 alien full

This little guy is my new water bottle at home, although at in the picture he is filled with chilled Diet Vernor’s Ginger Ale.   His name is Maxx.

He has ambition as he won’t hold quite a liter; I tried put putting a 1 liter of Diet Coke and there was still about an inch left in the bottom of the bottle even when he was full.

His cardboard ship arrived via Amazon.com ($4.99) and landed on my doorstep earlier this week, but didn’t get him unboxed until today.  He is 12 inches tall and had a lanyard that I can use to wear him and the fluid does stay in pretty well, but he is rather heavy when full, but who would like being toted around by the neck?   Unlike E.T., he doesn’t want to go home or even travel anymore, he just wants to bask in the electronic light emitted by my computer, so he will be my new desk buddy.


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