Empty Walgreen’s Building

empty walgreens
Earlier this year on February 23rd, the Walgreens at 222 East Pettit closed after being there for around 20 years. It wasn’t a total shock as a newer store was built a few miles away at the corner of South Anthony and Paulding Road a few miles away and in late 2015 USA Today reported Walgreen would be closing 200 stores  in as a cost-cutting measure after a merger

It seems much smaller looking in at the empty store when it was once chocked full of stuff. The fluorescent lights give it a haunting glow and emphasise the emptiness.

I sometimes would stop in there after eating a Burger King with was just across the entry way to pick up sale items advertised or if I just needed a few items and didn’t want to trudge all over Kroger’s large grocery store in Southgate Plaza, so I do miss it already.

Location:  Southgate Plaza, 222 East Pettit, Fort Wayne, IN

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