The Point

the point
Wednesday we were going to go to Burger King in Southgate Plaza but found that the dining area closed at 9pm. We tried the downtown location and their dining area closed at 9pm as well, so we decided to try Liberty Diner only to find them closed by the time we got there and ended up going across the street to “The Point”.   It is in the Fort Wayne Truck Plaza at the corner of Goshen & Coliseum and is open 24/7.

They had remodeled several years back and the walls were white except for the back, which had a mural (It might be the same one that is there now) which I liked better, but now covered with a brick look on the side walls.  We do like the Flag with the beginning of the Pledge of Allegiance on the wall by the entrance.

I was happy to see they served breakfast all day and picked what one of the two things that I usually do at places that serve breakfast; Country Fried Steak, Eggs, and American Fries.  It also included toast in the meal.  I think the cost was a little under $10.    In the past, the food has always been good, portions generous and the prices about average, but service s0rt of hit or miss.

Service was fine on this visit, but the last time we stopped in we waited for 10 minutes and we weren’t even acknowledged by either waitress on duty and we walked out and decided to dine elsewhere.

Location:  3037 Goshen Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46808


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