Dining at Mi Casa with Friends on Saturday

mi casa

This past Saturday rented a Ford Focus from Enterprise Rent-A-Car through Priceline.com and picked my friend Dee up after she got off work at a restaurant in Decatur then we headed down to Greenfield, which is to the east of Indianapolis to meet up with friends for a couple of hours before Dee had to be back in town for her 2nd job delivering newspapers.

This restaurant is similar to a local Chain in Fort Wayne, IN called Bandidos  in both its decor and menu offering.

The salsa and chips were made fresh in-house, the portions generous and the taste decent.  Prices were in line with most restaurants; I had a Chimichanga meal and it was around $10.  Our waiter was excellent considering they were busy, we are a party of 5 and he was handling the back room pretty much by himself.

About a Margarita in before dinner , Sheryl was telling us about the place they had dined at last night up the road at a Chinese place and that it was horrible.   She said she wanted to go back in the kitchen and teach them how to chop vegetables then went into a Chinese accent and was demonstrating “You chop onion like this, you chop carrot like this…chop, chop, chop”.   While that itself is not funny, how animated she got about it was hilarious.

Earlier in the day, they had gone to a pottery painting place and each decorated something and Cathie was showing us what they made.  Cathie’s was a much with a black heart and white dots around the edge and Sheryl’s was what I called the “Psychedelic ’70s Frog” as it had the bright colors and daisies painted on it that were popular during the early 70’s.  I actually used to own a pair of green bell bottom hip hugger jeans with the exact daisy print all over them.

We might have been a little loud as the locals were staring at as like we were strange, but I said it was ok because we were not being rude and we were never going to see these people again, so let them stare.

Location:  1550 N State St,Greenfield, IN 46140


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