Kyle Sleeping

The only pics I can take of Kyle anymore is when he is sleeping, so I took this pic on Saturday while he was catching a nap after getting up at 3:30am and getting home around 10:30am before taking me to pick the rental car.

While I think he looks like an angel when he is sleeping, a mere few hours later when he was taking to the rental car.   The word “Satan” comes to mind.   I wondered if his head was doing to do a 360-degree turn and if he was going to start projectile vomiting green peas soup like the little girl in the “Exorcist”.

Lack of sleep and food is part of the problem and I keep telling him to no avail if he keeps burning the candle at both ends sooner or later he will burn out; he just keeps saying not to worry, it is a long candle.  It scares the heck out of my as my sister-in-law said the same thing before her fatal accident.

He is at an age all I can do is pray for him.



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