Mother’s Day Reflection – “Drag Me To Hell” Type of Mom

drag hell 1
Photos:  All photos are screen shots from the movie “Drag Me To Hell”

When we watched the Sam Raimi flick “Drag Me To Hell” in 2009 at the movie theater my son likened me to the character Clay’s mother.   Like I would ever wear the Barbara Bush double-strand of pearls; would never happen.

I also disagree about the snooty judgmental part, but I have pushed my son and expected the best from him and spoke my mind about it.  When I have thought he was straying from that path but still encouraged him to find his own way and have allowed him to make his own mistakes, but that is just being a Mom.  If I just allowed him to do anything he wanted and was his friend, I would not have been doing my job as a Mom.

ScreenHunter_215 May. 11 20.24

He also compared me to the Gypsy woman; ok, I do have a scarf very similar hers in a hot pink color.   Sometimes pull my hair back and don’t wear makeup too.   Even so, I would like to think I have aged a little better than that.

I think he may have meant more on the quality of relentlessness, which I would have to agree; but without a strong resolve and rolling up my sleeves to get things done, we could have ended up homeless with nothing.

He thinks a gas station job or Burger King would be beneath him.   I disagree, out of college, I worked many minimum wage jobs to pay my bills.  In fact, when I was out of work when he was in Jr. High, although I  have a Bachelor’s Degree, I accepted a job at a gas station at only a little above minimum wage as my employment was to run out in two months.  I was scheduled to start a station on the other side of town 3rd shift the same day I received an offer at the Call Center (that I accepted as it paid slightly higher and had medical benefits).

It could be he meant that he thinks I am over-protective.   As I was childless for over 5 years and didn’t think I would have children, he is a precious gift from God that I have always cherished.  I loved him so much as a baby I couldn’t even bear to put him down for a nap and would hold him most if not all of the time, but I still worked 30 hours a week for the first year of his life, so he had interaction with others.   When we moved into a one bedroom apartment, he got the bedroom and I took the couch.

I enrolled him all sorts of extra-curricular activities so he could find what he liked best and was best at, from crafting to T-Ball, to acting classes.  I went into debt every Christmas and many birthdays try to make it a magical experience for him.   I tell him all the time he is more loved than most because it is true.

There are some limits; I will not enable him to be a self-centered egotistical materialistic spoiled brat.  He was angry when I refused to co-sign for a fancy over-priced truck, but I am driving a 2000 Hyundai.  In general, if you can’t qualify for a loan without a co-signer, you really can’t afford the loan.   I worked at a bank for 14 years and have to say there is no upside to being a co-signer, unless you are the Bank.   A co-signer has all of the responsibilities with no rights.

Perhaps it was eliminating negative influences in his life when he was young.   As things were getting rough in the neighborhood we lived in when he was in grade school, I ended up moving to a place in a better neighborhood that the better part of what I brought home each month so he would be safe and have friends with a work ethic that wanted to make something of their lives, not steal and do drugs.   Up until Jr. High, if I took my son and his friend someplace I paid for their friend too, as only one of his friends ever sent any money with their child, even though I really couldn’t afford.

While  my son is now an adult and has to make his own choices and own mistakes, I will never stop caring or worrying about him.  If anyone would ever cause him harm or lead him down a dark path, I wouldn’t  just be like Clay’s Mom or the old Gypsy Woman; I would go full on Lamia on them.  That  is the Drag Me To Hell type of Mom I would be.


If you have never seen the movie, below are clips from the movie on Youtube.

Clay’s Mom Clip

Nothing will stop the Old Gypsy Woman

Lamia clip



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