Lunch at Applebee’s in Angola

For an early Mother’s Day lunch we met up at Applebee’s in Angola, IN with Grandma Sprowl, Marv’s cousin Sharon and her husband Warren, Marv and pictured below Kyle and his lady friend, Shay.

Our waitress was knowledgeable not only about what was on the menu, but what was in the dishes and how prepared, which was a rare treat.  We are used to asking such questions of our waitstaff and they look like they are a deer in the middle of the road and we are an SUV barreling down the road about 80 miles an hour.  There are the “Umh, Uh, not sure” sometimes followed with “I will check” and other times with “No one has asked that before” with no indication they are even going to check.

Gloria was unhappy that they had discontinued a bacon something or other dressing but encouraged everyone to order a brownie bite for $1.50; it was sliver of a fudge-type brownie with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream all topped with a fudge topping and just the right finish to dinner.

One thing I didn’t like is the decor on the wall; if you take a gander at the top picture, it look like the football helmet guy is going eat Warren and Sharon Kay and Marv have the honor of sitting in front of dude’s crotches.

Below is not much better, with Kyle and Shay’s head being just below some check’s boobs.  Can they just have pictures of food instead? DSCN8330


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