When I saw on Little Free Library‘s website that there was a location near Nebraska Elementary school, as my son went to school there (and his Grandmother worked there) I purchased some children’s books and dropped them off there today and displayed them in the front to try to entice a child to pick one up to read it.   There is a book about Knights and Castles, a coloring book about Indians, Snow White, Animal Babie and another book or two with few words and mostly pictures.

I would love to put up a Little Free Library, but as I am a renter and live in a cul-de-sac with very few children  have been talking with Marv about maybe letting me put one in on his property as he lives across the street from an Elementary school.   He said he could probably make the box.  To fund the purchase of children books, might be able to put some stuff up on Ebay to sell or maybe some craft type of projects to sell on Etsy and buy books on Ebay,, thrift stores, rummage sales and Half Price Books.

To see if there is a Little Free Library near you, see Little Free Library Map:

Our Map

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